Unicorn Tattoo

Aftercare Advise

After leaving the studio:

The total suggested use of Dermalize is between 6 - 7 days, if necessary, please ask your artist to change it, that is when it comes off or there is too much bleeding indide.

Follow these steps to remove Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film:

Lift a corner of the film and stretch it horizontally along the skin surface to avoid breaking the adhesive bond. Continue stretching the edge of the film towards the center. When both sides of the film are partially removed, grab both sides at the same time and stretch them horizontally and parallel to the skin until the entire film lifts up. In case the film particularly resistant, you can use some warm water to aid removing the adhesive from the skin.

• Leave the wrap until you told by your Artist

• Wash your tattoo gently to clean any excess after removing the bondage (use wet papertowel with CAREX original handwash liquid to clean)

• Pat dry your tattoo after cleaning, use clean papertowel

• Wait an extra day before applying the suggested aftercare cream

• Rub it in the skin 2 times daily

• Don't pick or pull at the flaking skin

• Stay away from the sun for about 2 weeks

• Stay away from water

• Continue to look after your tattoo once healed, keep it moisturized and use high factor sun lotion

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